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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Global Leadership Interview

After The Interview =)
On 18th June 2012 until 21 June 2012 , me , Sufiyan , Aiman , Dalia and Najihah had been selected as the 5 of our college representative , to attend for a MARA's new program . Established last year , that is MARA Global Leadership Program . This program collects around 200++ students from round-Malaysia MRSM's .
And only need 60 Boys and 60 Girls to be in this program .
So , I've face the camp . As for me , 3rd time pergi PUSKEP (Pusat Kepimpinan Pelajar MARA Lenggong) , aku rasa this is the one yang aku x rasa penat pon nak attend camp ni.
Maybe because modul temuduga macam lain cket kot ~

Before Bus Boarding
Before boarding the bus , bus to lengang sampai la we fetch the Balik Pulau's , Transkrian's and Taiping's to board with us .
Kaunselor MRSM Lenggong
One of the penceramah from our 4 courses. This one about "Leader Communication Skill" and now , we'd been given a task to submit 5 individual report by 5th July to Tuan Haji Alias Muda . Urgh , perfect convenient . But , I'll try my best . I really want this GLeadership .

GLeader KBatas (Calon)
So , basically Global Leader adalah satu program Bahagian Pendidikan Menengah MARA . Why I really want to join this program this year..?
-Scholarship if manage to score greatly
-Renew (unconfirm) program khidmat masyarakat kat luar negara.

hoho . This program rocks !!
and I am happy to see the quality and good products of other colleges to be with together and share our xperience and ideas . 
Budak pandai do have different attitude than the others yang x da quality . Love to meet them ..
Great English skills.

off to rest .
Writing in no time .

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